Taco Bell Mexican Pizza Delivery Commercial

Taco Bell promotes its Mexican Pizza in a new commercial.

The spot features a group of friends having delivered to their door an order of Mexican Pizza, which they enjoy with sauce and their favorite drinks while watching a football game. They like this pizza so much that they don’t leave anything in the box, not even a bit. At some point, the woman who opened the door to the delivery person stands up and shouts to her friends’ surprise. She explains her reaction by revealing that it’s her fantasy team.

The chain’s Mexican Pizza, available to order a la carte or as part of a combo meal, with two tacos and a large soda, is made with seasoned beef and refried beans between two Mexican Pizza shells with Mexican Pizza sauce, three-cheese blend, and tomatoes.

The menu item is available in two varieties: the Cheesy Jalapeño Mexican Pizza and Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza.

The Cheesy Jalapeño, which sells for between $5 and $5.49, features layers of nacho cheese and pickled jalapeno slices on top of a traditional Mexican Pizza – two crispy tortilla shells stuffed with seasoned beef and refried beans, covered with pizza sauce, tomatoes and a three-cheese blend.

The Triple Crunch, on the other side, adds a third shell and extra servings of beans and beef to a classic Mexican Pizza.

Consumers can now get $0 delivery with orders over $15 on the app.