SEPHORA Believe In Your Wish Commercial / Advert Song

SEPHORA Believe In Your Wish Commercial / Advert - Girl Playing Guitar

SEPHORA urges you to “Believe In Your Wish” in its Christmas commercial, from agency BETC Etoile Rouge, which celebrates the infinite power of wishes.

The 45-second spot features a diverse cast of individuals of different ages and walks of life, sharing their wishes. “I wish you could see how remarkable you are,” a mother tells to her daughter, who’s playing the guitar, “I wish I could find the true version of myself,” a youngster tells himself as he’s looking at a group of peers hanging out, “I wish everyone had the confidence to move their own way,” a dancer is heard saying in voiceover, “I wish every woman could feel the way I do,” an Asian woman says as she’s putting on red lipstick and checks her makeup in the car mirror, “We wish to spark joy,” some young women are heard saying, as well.

“Make your beauty wishes come true. Believe in your wish” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial, which is set to the tune of “I’m Not In Love” by Kelsey Lu.

The track, a cover of British band 10cc’s 1975 chart hit, was released as the second single from Lu’s 2019 debut album, “Blood”. In 2019, the song also appeared on the Euphoria soundtrack.

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