Netflix 2023 Movies: You People – Trailer Song

Netflix 2023 Movies: You People - Trailer Actors

Netflix has dropped a teaser trailer for its upcoming rom-com You People, featuring an all-star cast.

The movie, which marks Kenya Barris’ directorial debut, revolves around Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill) and Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) as they navigate the treacherous waters that link family and romance.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny play Ezra’s progressive and semi-woke Jewish parents and Eddie Murphy and Nia Long play Amira’s unyielding yet concerned Muslim parents. What they both have in common is the ability to mercilessly interfere with their children’s lives.
The film’s teaser shows Hill’s character, Ezra, facing off with Murphy and Long in Los Angeles’ iconic Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles as he asks Amira’s parents for permission to propose. Ezra takes the conversation to another level, declaring that if Amira and he had a baby, it would be a very nice baby because “mixed-race people are really awesome.” He even gives some names, mentioning Mariah and Derek Jeter and the Goat. Asked who is referring to when talking about the GOAT, Ezra answers “Our guy, the legend, Malcolm X.”

The song used in the trailer is “What’s the Difference” by American rapper Dr. Dre, featuring American rappers Eminem and Xzibit, from his second studio album, “2001”.

The cast ensemble also includes Sam Jay, Molly Gordon, La La Anthony, Travis Bennett, Andrea Savage, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Elliott Gould, Mike Epps, and more.

The comedy will premiere January 27 on Netflix.

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