Motorway Dealers Compete Advert Song

Motorway Dealers Compete Advert

Motorway has released a new TV advert, highlighting how easy it is to sel your car.

The spot opens on a woman who’s sitting on the sofa, in the living room, in the company of her husband and kids.

While the children are playing on a dance mat and her partner is watching TV, she us using her phone to sell her car on Motorway. As the voiceover urges audiences to sell their car the Motorway way, the woman is transported into a vast, imaginary dance arena, where car dealers compete to give car owners the best price. The dealers are then shown taking to the stage to compete in a circular dance-off on giant calculators situated around the car, to the rhythms of Missy Elliot’s iconic dance track “Lose Control”.

One of by one, dealers submit their bids and the winning dealer hot-steps his way to win the vehicle and throws his arms up in celebration.

The advert ends with the woman announcing her family that she has just sold the car, which makes the children celebrate. The voiceover adds the tagline “Motorway. The way to sell your car” while viewers are encouraged to sell their car at

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