Lucozade Sport Statues Advert Song

Lucozade Sport Statues TV Advert

Lucozade continues its latest ad campaign, titled “It’s On” and aimed at sharing the brand’s positive energy and showing what it feels like to be at your best, with a new installment, featuring statues brought to life by the power of a Lucozade energy drink.

The ad shows several statues that start doing various sports, inspired by Lucozade Sport. One statue is shown running away from its place and scoring a goal at football during a game held on a field, another one doing aerobics, and another one sitting on a bench and lifting a light pole.

At the end of the advert, which sees a statue “drinking” a bottle of Lucozade Sport, the voiceover says the tagline “Get moving. Lucozade. It’s on.”
The soundtrack music is Body Groove (Original Mix MC Vers) by English UK garage group Architechs, featuring vocals from Nana.

The brand’s £10M “It’s On” campaign, launched in 2021, runs across TV, social media, out-of-home, online video, ecommerce and geo-targeted mobile advertising.

In 2019, Lucozade Sport collaborated with World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Anthony Joshua to launch “Fruit Punch”, the new apple and raspberry flavoured sports drink. The same year, the brand signed a multi-year deal to become the official sports drinks and hydration partner of the England Women’s and Men’s Senior Football Teams – marking the brand’s first official move into women’s football.

Earlier this year, Lucozade have decided to pull all of their branding from the World Cup, held in Qatar, following wide-spread criticism into human rights issues in this country.

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