Lamborghini Christmas The Barber Commercial – Feat. Young Man with Green Lamborghini Saving Barbershop

Lamborghini Christmas The Barber Commercial - Pubblicità Lamborghini Il Barbiere

Lamborghini aims to highlight that its cars are made to influence in its Christmas commercial, which is about giving back for the holidays and is also a slight positive nod to the power of social media.

The short film opens with an old barber cleaning his empty shop and placing on the door, under the “Closed” sign, another sign informing that the barbershop will be closed for good in the near future. When a young man, who used to come to this barbershop as a child, sees the signs, comes up with an idea. He returns in his Verde Selvans green Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica and parks just in front of the shop. He then takes a selfie with his car and the barbershop in the background and posts it on social media, with the #Lamborghinistyle hashtag.

This soon leads to an avalanche of customers for the old barber as many other people, attracted by the stylish car, arrive there and decide to enter the shop for a new look.

Toward the end of the film, the Lamborghini owner arrives at the barbershop, as well, for a new haircut and, before heading out, lets the barber know that he came to his in his childhood.

The commercial ends with the tagline “Not your average influencer” flashing across the screen.

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