Hefty Ultra Strong with Fabuloso Scent John Cena Commercial


Hefty Ultra Strong with Fabuloso Scent John Cena Commercial

Hefty promotes its Hefty Ultra Strong with Fabuloso scent in a new commercial starring John Cena.

The ad shows the professional wrestler-actor looking into a garbage can, from which a light comes out, and asking himself how Hefty gets its “these things” (referring to its Ultra Strong garbage bags with Fabuloso scent) to smell so good. “Must be magic,” he concludes.

Cena has starred in several ads for Hefty, touting the brand’s Hefty Ultra Strong with Arm & Hammer Odor Control, the LBB Strong garbage bags.

In one of the spots he’s using six Hefty bags filled with trash to do his weight lifting workout and urges viewers to never skip trash day.

The trash bags with Fabuloso scent provide 6-in-1 protection with flexible strength, secure-fit closure, odor control, and resist leaks, punctures, and tears. In addition to the clean and joyful lavender scent of Fabuloso, these trash bags also include Arm & Hammer continuous odor control to keep unpleasant smells at bay.

The new Fabuloso scented trash bags come both in 13 gallon tall kitchen bags and 30 gallon large capacity bags.

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