Bell 5G Network Flying Train Commercial

Bell 5G Network Flying Train Commercial

Bell Canada promotes its 5G network in a new commercial, which highlights that this is Canada’s fastest 5G network.

The 30-second spot features two friends in a park, wondering how fast Bell’s 5G network is. They start making various comparisons, first with a hawk and then with a train, but not just any train – one that has turbosonic rockets and is also a spaceship that merges with a megacryometer and can go hyper speed.

The commercial ends with the onscreen line “Bell 5G. It’s really, really fast” and another line that urges viewers to switch to Canada’s fastest 5G network.

Bell Canada is ranked Canada’s best network. According to the results of the biggest test of networks in Canada, conducted by Global Wireless Solutions, when measuring combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage, Bell outperformed every single national wireless carrier across the board. The company’s advanced LTE advanced network, the world’s fastest and most advanced wireless technology, already covers 90% of the Canadian population.

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