Audi Christmas Commercial – Feat. Santa’s Upgraded Sleigh

Audi Christmas Commercial - Feat. Santa's Upgraded Sleigh

This holiday season, Audi celebrates the future of premium mobility and invites people to discover more about the Audi grandsphere concept, introduced in its Christmas ad.

The spot opens with a modern Santa Claus, clad in a fancy suit, who’s standing in his living room with a view of the Northern Lights, before being announced by his personal assistant that “it’s time”. Entering a highly secured parking lot, Father Christmas gets to see his upgraded sleigh – the Audi grandsphere concept, which is an experience device designed to adapt to the needs of its passengers.

The concept vehicle, which is not available for sale, features recessed seats and wide glass surfaces that support the feeling of open space. The automated driving functions shown are technologies currently under development and only represent a possible concept.

The automaker says the Audi grandsphere concept is more than just a car and it is not alone, it is part of a family of concept cars with which Audi wants to redefine the future of mobility.

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