American Red Cross Snowfall Christmas Commercial

American Red Cross Snowfall Christmas Commercial Girl

American Red Cross reminds us, in its latest commercial, that, while the holidays are filled with hope and joy, disasters don’t take a break.

The spot, titled “Snowfall” and scored by a heartwarming acoustic song, revolves around a young girl who loves snowflakes and hopes to have snow on Christmas day. She crafts snowflakes, has her snowglobe on her nightstand before bed and prepares for the holiday with all kinds of decorations, which she puts up with her mom around the house and in the backyard. One morning, as she’s looking through the window, she sees snowflakes falling from the sky and rushes outside to catch one in the palm of her hand, but it soon turns out that the snow is actually ash falling from one of her neighbors’ burning home.

Created by BBDO and directed by Martin Stirling, the commercial ends with the onscreen lines “Disasters don’t take a break for the holidays. With your help, neither do we.” Viewers are also encouraged to donate at

The music in the ad was composed by Ari Hest and Sloan Anderson. The song lyrics include “Sometimes I dream about you falling through the sky. Can hardly believe my own eyes. What magic it would be to see you”.

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