University of Phoenix Woman with Many Hats Commercial

University of Phoenix Woman with Many Hats Commercial Actress

University of Phoenix promotes its new Savings Explorer tool in a new commercial, urging viewers to see how their work, life and school experience could help them earn their degree faster and for less.

Titled “Worn many hats?”, the spot tells the story of Polly Pratz, a woman who wore many hats, according to the voiceover, who also mentions that these hats came from her past jobs, in fact. “Every time she experienced something new, her stack of hats grew” the narrator also informs, saying she even served turkey legs with what’s on tap all while wearing a viking’ hat.

Eventually, Polly found a place her many hats would be embraced and that placed was University of Phoenix. Thanks to its Savings Explorer tool, she was able to save money amd couldn’t hide the excitement from her face.

The ad ends with the voiceover concluding that Polly traded in her hats to help her earn her grad cap. “Your past experience can help you earn your degree faster and for less,” he also says.

University of Phoenix declared that students with eligible transfer credits and relevant life experience on average saved $11k and nearly 1 year off their undergraduate degree.

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