Uber Eats Uber One Tracy Morgan, Zach Cherry & Sarah Silverman Commercial

Uber Eats Uber One Zach Cherry Commercial

Uber Eats has tapped Tracy Morgan, Zach Cherry, Julia Fox, and Sarah Silverman to star in its latest ad campaign, for Uber One membership, which helps consumers save money with an unlimited $0 Delivery Fee, up to 10% off orders, and 5% off rides.

Each of these celebrities explains, in dedicated ads, the reason for joining Uber One. Morgan, for instance, declares that he became an Uber One member to save money on his important deliveries, like gravy nachos, staplers, and market-price swordfish. “Zero dollar delivery fee is clutch cause I’m famous, but not “famous-famous,” Zach Cherry says in the 30-second spot. An old lady states that uber One saves her money on vodka and Sarah Silverman, who also makes an appearance, explains she wants to save money for when she gets canceled and doesn’t want to go back to selling pictures of her feet.

The company informs that shoppers who make purchases from grocery stores must have a $35 minimum order to get the %0 Delivery Fee and up to 5% off.

Orders from non-grocery stores must be of at least $15 for shoppers to get the $0 Delivery Fee and up to 10% off. Uber Eats also mentioned that the 5% discount is not available for rides booked 30 min or more in advance.

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