Progressive Replay Sweet Potatoes Commercial

Progressive Replay Sweet Potatoes Commercial

Progressive continues its “Replay” campaign with a new installment.

The spot features a family dinner that is slightly ruined by a missing dish. When the grandmother asks someone to pass her the sweet potatoes, her granddaughter tells her they don’t have sweet potatoes. At this point, her mother starts scolding her for not having brought sweet potatoes, but the young woman claims she got every single item included on the shopping list. When her mother keeps saying that she wrote sweet potatoes on the list, the girl throws the red flag and a Progressive team comes over for a “What Really Happened” replay. After watching the video, the mother apologizes to her mother for having forgotten the sweet potatoes, which makes her daughter ask her what that single serving of humble pie she just ate tastes like.

The voiceover points out that one thing no one would challenge is saving money when you bundle home and auto with Progressive.

In its “Replay” campaign, Progressive invites you to watch the action unfold when people get a chance to go to the replay. “Everybody wishes they could throw the challenge flag now and then. But what if life came with replay officials to help review key moments?” – this is the idea behind the campaign, which debuted earlier this year with a spot dubbed “Life Jackets”. In it, the protagonists, a couple on a camping trip, argue over who was supposed to bring the life jackets. A “What Really Happened” replay, brought to them by Progressive, helps them refresh their memory and close this subject.

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