Nissan Juke Hybrid Commercial Song – Feat. Woman Driving Across Movie Sets

Nissan Juke Hybrid Commercial Actress - Woman Driving Across Movie Sets

Nissan promotes its new Juke Hybrid as “a thrilling electrified experience” in its newest commercial.

The spot features a woman driving her Nissan Juke Hybrid across various sets where films are being filmed. “Who said electricity can’t be bold? Who said cool can’t be cooler? Who said technology can’t trigger emotion?” the voiceover asks in the 30-second ad, introducing the new Nissan Juke Hybrid as “a thrilling electrified experience”.

Scored by Walter Murphy’s A Fifth of Beethoven, the commercial highlights the unique Juke design, 24% fuel optimisation and the dynamic drive.

The JUKE Hybrid features a true multi-modal hybrid powertrain and delivers key customer benefits, such as 100% electric-only start up, enjoyable driveability in all circumstances, excellent fuel efficiency thanks to the smart multi-modal gearbox, efficient regenerative braking, and high performance battery.

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