KLM A Life’s Journey Commercial

KLM A Life's Journey Commercial

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines highlights that it takes you to your next memory, in its latest ad.

Titled “A life’s journey”, the 30-second commercial tells the love story of a couple who met on a KLM plane. The two lovers are shown getting married, then flying as a family, with their daughter, with KLM. The young girl receives a small KLM plane to play with from a flight attendant and, later on, in life, she becomes a flight attendant herself. The mother is then featured as a grandmother flying with her husband and grandson. The latter also receives a small plane and doesn’t hesitate to start running with it as if they are both ready to take off.

“Bringing you to your next memories” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which is set to the tune of an uplifting song performed by a female singer.

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