ITVX Helena Bonham Carter Audion Advert

ITV has enlisted Helena Bonham Carter and John Boyega to promote its new streaming service, ITVX. The two struggle through cringe-worthy auditions in a series of new ads.

In one of them, the 56-year-old actress is faced with a casting director who asks her to improvise her way through the strangest of scenarios. He asks her, for instance, to imitate different animals from a lemur to a pigeon before urging her to act as though she is being disemboweled by a leopard. “You’re completely free, just like ITVX, the UK’s freshest streaming service, with more new shows for free than anywhere else,” the casting director tells Helena, while he’s imitating a pigeon. When he asks her if she can act as if the big cat dissembles her or at least she loses one wing, Helena answers she can’t do that and that she’s losing patience.

The actress will star in Nolly, coming in early 2023. Other shows available for streaming on ITVX include Sanditon, One Tree Hill, The Ipcress File, Des, Trigger Point, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Broadchurch, A Spy Among Friends, Love Island, Finding Alice, and many more.

At the end of the advert, the voiceover introduces ITVX as “the UK’s freshest streaming service” and mentions there will be exclusive new shows from the 8th of December.