Experian Purple Impact Action Movie Commercial – Feat. John Cena

Experian has released a new commercial starring John Cena. This time, the actor plays an actor in a film titled “Purple Impact”.

Created like a movie trailer, the spot features Cena and his purple cow trying to escape a pursuer and showing a woman Experian’s range of credit cards. As he tells her she could also get a choice of cards matched to her, the guy chasing him shows up next to them to add something. He thus informs the woman that she could get cashback, balance transfer, travel rewards, and “tons of options”.

The commercial ends with the voiceover adding “Tons of options” and encourages viewers to see their credit card options at experian.com/cards.

John Cena and his purple cow appeared in numerous ads over the past years. In one of them, he shows up on the purple cow at a party to help a young man boost his credit score and get the credit card he wants, in another one he’s leading a stampede of purple cows to save the day for a downtrodden man stranded with his broken down truck in the desert and a sign reading “credit denied”, in another one he sets free a young couple in a lab who are brainwashed to believe that a credit app called Credit-Rama will save them money, and in another ad he jumps from a plane on the cow, using a purple parachute personalized with the Experian logo.