Chevrolet Mrs. Hayes Thanksgiving Commercial

Chevrolet Mrs. Hayes Thanksgiving Commercial

Chevrolet has released its Thanksgiving commercial, created in partnership with agency Commonwealth//McCann.

The heartwarming holiday ad, rooted in nostalgia and community, tells the story of Mrs. Hayes, an old lady who drives a turquoise-colored 1957 Chevy Bel Air Nomad station wagon, until one day, when she is in a supermarket parking lot, the car’s engine stops working. Closing her eyes, the woman relieves numerous memories from her past, from the moment she had to say goodbye to her lost lover, who became a military (and left the car to her) to the moment she settled in a neighborhood where a bunch of kids became her new friends. With one of them, though – a boy named Billy – she created a special bond and, as the film ends, it turns out he is still present in her life, cherishing her. The day she finds herself unable to start the car, he appears by her side and helps her move her bags into the trunk of his car, a Chevrolet.

On Christmas day, Mrs. Hayes gets a wonderful surprise: at her front door Billy, his wife and his daughter show up with an unexpected “gift”: her old Chevy, repaired, which she immediately takes for a drive.

A short version of the commercial is set to run nationally during the Thanksgiving Day NFL games on NBC, Fox and CBS.

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