Burger King Why Be? Commercial Song

Burger King Why Be? Commercial

Burger King continues its “You Rule” campaign with a new installment.

Titled “Why Be?”, the spot features a diverse cast of people enjoying their favorite Burger King menu items on a football pitch, where they pass the football from one to the other, showcasing their dribbling skills, while in the background a song raises the question “Why be someone else (throughout the video, numerous names are listed, including Hector, Aldo, Martina, Alberto, Hugo, Elena, Kevin, and more) when you can be yourself”?
“Why be someone else when you can be yourself?” a female voice asks in Spanish at the end of the commercial, which also sees the tagline “You Rule” flashing across the screen.

Described as “a play on the QSR chain’s mascot and famous paper crowns in an effort to deliver the message that Burger King guests are royalty”, the fast-food chain’s new “You Rule” campaign debuted on October 10 and also includes several other ads, featuring an original remix of the “Have it Your Way” jingle, first introduced in the 1970s. The chorus of the catchy song is “You rule, you’re seizing the day at BK. Have it your way!”.

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