Amazon Father and Daughter Christmas Commercial Song – Joy Is Made

Amazon has released its Christmas 2022 commercial, which aims to prove that joy is something we make.

The heartwarming ad, created by Lucky Generals and directed by Academy Award winning writer, director, and actor Taika Waititi, tells the story of a single father (played by New Zealand born Australian actor Jared Turner) and his daughter (played by Anouk Christiansen), who doesn’t like to be parted from her much-loved snow globe. She takes it almost everywhere with her – at the dinner table, in bed, at night, and even at the dentist. One night, after watching her falling asleep with the snow glove by her side, her dad comes up with an idea to surprise her and, helped by some of his neighbors, who agree to give him the objects he needs, and using a shredder purchased from Amazon, manages to create a life-size version of the girl’s favourite toy.

At the end of the commercial, the man is shown taking his daughter to the their greenhouse, which he transformed into a magical place. Adorned with hundreds of fairy lights, the greenhouse hosts a winter-like setting, with a a small house, a teddy bear dressed as a snowman, and snow made out of shredded recycled paper which floats in the air thanks to several desk fans placed here and there.

“Joy is made” an onscreen line reads at the end of the film, which is scored by a cover of “You Hold Me Up” (originally by Jonathon Linaberry) performed by American Indie artist The Bones of J.R. Jones.