Allstate Mayhem as Mouse Christmas Commercial

Allstate Mayhem as Mouse Christmas Commercial

Allstate has unveiled a new commercial featuring Mayhem, the trickster character played by actor Dean Winters.

This time, Winters personifies a mouse that appeared in a family’s home the night before Christmas and scared the mother, who not only uttered a shout but also took a pillow and threw it by mistake into the nicely adorned Christmas tree. When it fell, various other decorations were affected, as well, causing a fire.

Mayhem says this is a holiday lesson we all can learn and urges viewers to protect their homes with Allstate otherwise their walls could get burned.

Created by Leo Burnett Worldwide, Mayhem became, over the years, one of the most-recognized insurance advertising characters. In 2019, the Mayhem campaign featured, for the first time, another celebrity and that was Tina Fey. Winters returned as Mayhem to the screens earlier this year, in January, for the first time since June 2020.

In another recent ad, Maymem was a groom’s football-obsessed best man who explains to the groom that having his big day during the Big Game is the worst because he is physically there, at the wedding, but mentally he is actually somewhere else – thinking about the game, obviously.

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