Upwork Zombie-Like Character Handshake Commercial

Upwork Zombie-Like Character Handshake Commercial

Freelancing platform Upwork has released a series of new spots created by agency Alto, that introduce a zombie-like character named Jack, who returns from the dead to talk about the old ways of working and recommend Upwork.

“Back when I had a working circulatory system, you had to give your right arm to find great talent. But with Upwork, there’s highly skilled talent from all over the globe right at your fingertips,” he says in one of the ads, while shaking hands with various persons.

“It’s where businesses meet great remote talent and remote talent meets great opportunity,” he also adds looking at the camera. Looking then at his next guest, an Asian man, Jack tries to salute him, but having lost his two arms, loses his balance and falls on his back.

The spot ends with the “This Is How We Work Now” jingle and a line appearing on the monitor of an old PC that encourages viewers to find great talent on upwork.com.

“Our latest brand campaign reinforces our belief that work should free human potential instead of limit it and emphasizes the new ways of working that have emerged over the last few years, boldly declaring that the old rules of work are dead. The anthem film highlights the glorious now, where remote independent professionals, full-time workers, and the people who hire them live in harmony,” reads a statement from Upwork.

The platform lists long commutes, requiring individuals to be in the office and work set hours, focusing on inputs rather than outcomes, and relying primarily on full-time, in-house team members as examples of the old ways of working and declares that one way to redefine how we work now is by implementing permanent opportunities for flexible and remote work.

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