Samsung SmartThings Mr. Garry Commercial Italian Song

Samsung SmartThings Mr. Garry Commercial

Samsung has released a new ad to promote its SmartThings app.

Titled “An ordinary day of my dad” and set to the rhythms of an Italian song, the spot follows a man who uses his Galaxy smartwatch to track the miles he runs on his morning runs, monitor his health (and send data to his daughter, who is a doctor), making phone calls, and more. One day, he asks his love interest to come over to his place for dinner but right when she rings the door, he stumbles and falls to the floor. When the fall is detected, his daughter immediately receives an alert on her phone. Extremelly worries, she tries to call him and, having no answer from him, gets into the car and drives home urgently, to see what happened. However, upong arrival, she is surprised to find her dad almost kissing with his guest.

According to multiple reviews, Samsung SmartThings offers some of the best smart home compatibility on the market. It works with most smart home platforms and helps control your smart devices from a single app. It gives you easy access to your preferred devices, services, and scenes, allowing you to open your smart blinds, disarm your security sensors, and turn on your coffee maker, for instance, control and monitor your devices with convenient services, and more.

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