Progressive Replay Cat Commercial

Progressive Replay Cat Commercial

Progressive has dropped a new ad in its “Replay” campaign. This time, a couple finds a cat in their kitchen and one of the partners throws the challenge flag to determine who forgot to close the door.

The spot opens with the two life partners watching the foreign feline licking an apple on the table. “Why is it licking that?” one of the men asks. The other says he is not a cat expert because they don’t have a cat. The first man insists that he shut the slider the night before but the other wants to check the replay so he throws the challenge flag and a Progressive representative immediately comes over and lets them see what really happened.

The voiceover points out that one thing no one would challenge is saving money when you bundle Home and Auto with Progressive.

“Oh, yeah, that does look like me,” the “guilty” man says looking at the screen. “Hm, that’s because it is you,” his partner says.

In its “Replay” campaign, Progressive invites you to watch the action unfold when people get a chance to go to the replay. “Everybody wishes they could throw the challenge flag now and then. But what if life came with replay officials to help review key moments?” – this is the idea behind the campaign, which debuted earlier this year with a spot dubbed “Life Jackets”. In it, the protagonists, a couple on a camping trip, argue over who was supposed to bring the life jackets. A “What Really Happened” replay, brought to them by Progressive, helps them refresh their memory and close this subject.

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