Pizza Hut Melts $6.99 Commercial Song

Pizza Hut Melts $6.99 Commercial

Pizza Hut promotes its new Pizza Hut Melts in a new ad.

The spot features a group of friends enjoying the Pizza Hut Melts outside, seated on some stairs, with focus on the menu item. The voiceover declares that the newest thing from Pizza Hut isn’t pizza at all and describes it as “cheesy”, “so crispy”, loaded with toppings and just $6.99.

“Enough for two, priced for one,” the narrator adds, while in the background the 2021 song Sheesh! by Surfaces & Tai Verdes is playing.

The Pizza Hut Melts, available to order beginning Tuesday, October 18, come in four different versions, including pepperoni, buffalo chicken, chicken bacon Parmesan and meat lover’s, and are served with a marinara or ranch dressing dipping sauce.

“Unlike most pizza dishes, Melts were designed for a pizza party of one, giving guests the option to enjoy the delicious taste of pizza without having to order a whole pie, whenever or wherever they want,” reads a press release from Pizza Hut.

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