Nike Sport Is Never Done Kids Doing Sports Commercial Song

Nike Sport Kids Commercial - Cracked Glass

Nike has launched a new campaign, titled “Sport Is Never Done”, to highlight that sport is an endless opportunity for a kid to discover what they’re really capable of.

Titled “Rise of the kids”, the spot features a diverse cast of children and teenagers doing various sports and making various statements that are meant to stop them from performing, such as “I’ll be too sweaty”, “too chilly”, “too wrinkly”, “I’m hanging out with the wrong crowd,” “This won’t get me anywhere in life,” and more.

The song used in the commercial is the 2015 single “Fesyer Skank” by the English grime rapper Lethal Bizzle, featuring the Dutch electronic producer Diztortion. The track is available for unlimited streaming on Amazon Music and for purchase on Amazon for $1.29.

To mark the launch of the new school year, Nike has also enlisted footballer Virgil van Dijk to star in a film alongside his family and show that normal, boring, everyday chores can be turned into play and a form of sport.

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