eBay UK Style Seekers Advert

eBay UK aims to position itself as the perfect marketplace where people can find the items they want at incredible prices in a new campaign, titled “That’s the eBay Way, which aims to shine a light on the important role eBay plays in its customers’ lives and show how it helps people find that one of a kind item or bargain, make more valuable choices by shopping pre-loved or by giving them a platform to grow their business.

Agengy McCann London has created three spots, that introduce three different “tribes”: “The Bargain Hunters”, “Style Seekers” and “Experts”. The one dedicated to Style Seekers features a diverse cast of individuals proudly wearing pre-loved fashion items bought on eBay.

“Style Seekers, pioneers of pre-loved. Recycling, reimagining, re-everything-ing. Showing the planet some love in pre-loved prints and statement suits. Here’s to those for ever creating their own catwalk. Even if it’s just the chippy giving second hand a big hand,” the voiceover says in the 30-second ad dedicated to the Style Seekers.

The campaign also runs across social and digital, on a variety of channels and formats, including Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and online display.

The fully integrated campaign also includes a complete brand refresh for eBay, which includes eBay’s heritage logo as well as new elements, showing that old can easily become new.