Coach Lil Nas X Star Walkin’ Commercial Song

Coach Lil Nas X Star Walkin' Commercial

Coach has teamed up with Lil Nas for its latest ad campaign, “Courage to Be Real”.

The award-winning artist stars in a film that brings to life one of his statements, namely “My whole career has been about breaking down doors”, and tells the story of his evolution to become the person he is today, and the obstacles he overcame.

Shot by Canadian director and photographer Petra Collins, the 90-second ad features Lil Nas X traveling back to his past and going from the suburbs of Atlanta to the stage. The singer is shown walking through different rooms that illustrate moments from his past and some of the struggles that he has faced over the years, from fear, self-doubt, to judgment from others – and ultimately taking the stage, while in the background his latest single “STAR WALKIN'”, which is the League of Legends Worlds Anthem, plays.

The looks for the campaign, including a red plaid outfit and many more, have been put together by Lil Nas X himself, along with his stylist, Hodo Musa, and Coach creative director Stuart Vevers.

“The Courage to Be Real” is described as a call to action and film, as well as the brand’s commitment to inspiring limitless self-expression by confidently embracing all aspects of who you are.

“The campaign we are introducing today is the first chapter of our Courage To Be Real mission, and the embodiment of the values Coach has championed for generations. Created with Lil Nas X, an artist who has courageously paved new paths for others, the film tells the story of the challenges many of us face in our journeys of self-discovery, and how belief in yourself and a willingness to take risks can inspire others to do the same,” Global Chief Marketing Officer and North America President of Coach Sandeep Seth said.

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