American Express Amex Gold Card Commercial Song – Feat. Jazzie Martian

American Express AMEX Gold Card Commercial - Feat. Jazzie Martian

Amercian Express highlights the rewards Amex Gold owners can get, in a new commercial, developed by agency Dentsu Creative.

The spot opens with a young woman and her friend paying contactless with her AMEX Gold card to get access to a night club where a band is performing on stage. The star performer is Jazzie Martian, the winning artist of the recent American Express Gold Unsigned competition, which American Express launched in partnership with NME, Mixmag, Syncr and BIMM to uncover, mentor and support the best unsigned music artists. In the ad, Martian is singing “Future”.

The voiceover informs that you get “points on whatever you like, to use on whatever you want, like trips to your favorite places or tickets to see your favorite band” and urges you to “get what you want with Amex Gold” at the end of the ad, which also features various drawings representing the benefits offered by the American Express Gold card being brought to life.

American Express also aimed, through its Unsigned initiative, to provide its music-loving audience with engaging and relevant content.

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