2023 Ford Escape The Getaway Car Commercial

2023 Ford Escape The Getaway Car Commercial

Ford introduces its new 2023 Ford Escape as the perfect getaway car in its latest ad.

The spot opens with a Ford owner who ignores all of her phone notifications for a moment of silence. She gets into her car and, after shouting as loud as she can, from the top of her lungs, she starts driving.

“When the getaway can’t wait, get down, get comfortable, get a 360-degree view, get close and then get back out there” onscreen lines read throughout the 60-second ad, which also features a diverse cast of Ford Escape drivers who escape their everyday routine and enjoy some “me time” in the car or a ride. One woman lies to her boss that she is stuck in traffic only to have some moments for herself and eat a hamburger and fries, another woman is using the 360-degree camera to check out a guy passing by, and two girlfriends are enjoying a night ride through the city.

Among the features showcased throughout the commercial, which is set to a catchy song, are the Apple CarPlay compatibility, the 13.2″ touchscreen, the coast-to-coast LED light bar, the B&O sound system, the sliding second row, the 350-degree camera, and the Ford Pass connectivity.

The 2023 Ford Escape also offers pung-in hybrid and hybrid options.

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