Walmart Land on Roblox Commercial Song

Walmart Land on Roblox Commercial

Walmart invites you to see Walmart like never before in its ad for Walmart Land, a world full of mini-games, challenges, events, easter eggs, obbys and more, launched on Roblox.

The spot gives viewers a glimpse at this place, described as a massive island playground where you can follow your passions and create your own kind of excitement. The chain says that, in Walmart Land, you can wander to places like Electric Island (where you can attend live concerts with popular performers, compete in the Dance Off Challenge, play Netflix Trivia hosted by Noah Schnapp, and make beats in the DJ Booth Remix game) and the House of Style (where you can win fashion competitions on skates on the Roller Fashion Runway, take the salon-inspired Manicure Challenge, conquer the Oversized Cosmetics Obby, and take fun avatar shots in the Fashion Wheel Photobooth). There also are blimp drops with prizes and surprises, as well as unique verch, that you can unlock using your tokens.

The song used in the commercial for Walmart Land on Roblox is the 2022 song “Good Feeling” by Duvall feat. Sam Gray.

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