Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Leonardo Da Vinci Commercial Song

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Leonardo Da Vinci Commercial

Samsung has released the launch film for its Galaxy Z Fold4.

The spot, titled “The Art of Multitasking”, reimagines a world where Leonardo Da Vinci used the Galaxy Z Fold4 to create his famous “Vitruvian Man”. Sitting in his office, the Italian artist grabs his foldable smartphone and uses the twin screens to sketch ideas, browses the internet for frames and chooses one, and then takes a photo of the delivery man, who realizes, at the end of the video, when Da Vinci unveils his piece that he is in it.

The soundtrack is provided by Queen’s iconic song “Don’t Stop Me Now”.

The campaign, from Ogilvy New York, includes another ad, promoting the Flip4 and the ease of use of the new FlexCam technology. In it, a curious cat uses its owner’s Flip4 phone to take a photo shoot with the other pets of the house.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 during its Unpacked Event, held on August 10, along with several other devices, and has also released a commercial for the Galaxy Z Flip4’s stunning Bora Purple color.

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