Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Join the Flip Side Commercial

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Join the Flip Side Commercial Actress

Samsung promotes its Galaxy Z Flip4 in a new humorous spot, titled “The Flip Side”.

The 30-second ad features a woman who, after being shown by a friend the new Galaxy Z Flip4, which folds in half, says she likes her phone and she wouldn’t switch to Samsung. However, soon after this conversation, many of the things around her remind her of the Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

The moment she closes a book, the moment she puts a slice of bread on top of another one, to make a sandwich, the moment she sees a woman opening a menu and a waiter folding a chair, she thinks about the Galaxy Z Flip4. Her obsession with the foldable smartphone even makes her have nightmares. One morning, though, after seeing a photo of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 on her phone, she decides to buy it and “join the flip side”.

“Join the Flip side” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial, which sees the protagonist on a bus, using her new acquisition and getting a man’s attention when she folds it.

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Z Flip4 during its Unpacked Event, held on August 10, along with several other devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold4, and has also released a commercial for the Galaxy Z Flip4’s stunning Bora Purple, one of the available color options (besides Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue).

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is available since August 26.

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