Hulu Series: Mormon No More – Trailer Song


Hulu Series: Mormon No More - Trailer Actress

Hulu has released the trailer for its upcoming documentary series Mormom No More, about Mormon and ex-Mormon LGBTQ+ allies and their relationship with the church and families.

The documentary follows Sally and Lena, two married Mormon moms who fall in love with each other and explores how the couple navigates telling their husbands, families, and the church, and what it’s like to co-parent their combined seven children with their ex-husbands.

The trailer shows the two protagonists, as well as their ex-husbands, their parents, and more, sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences related to these topics. One of the two women reveals she even had suicidal thoughts and felt like she lost everything.

The song used in the trailer is Brandi Carlile’s 2017 single “The Joke”, from her sixth album, “By the Way, I Forgive You”.

“Mormon No More” is available for streaming on Hulu since June 24.

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