Hulu Series: MIKE – Trailer Song

Hulu Series: MIKE - Trailer Actor

The trailer for Hulu’s upcoming limited series MIKE, which tells the story of the dynamic and controversial life of boxing icon Mike Tyson, has been released.

The four-episode series, from creator/screenwriter Steven Rogers and the team behind “I, Tonya” and showrunner Karin Gist (Our Kind of People), stars Trevante Rhodes as the controversial fighting champion and documents his life in and out of the ring, from his troubled childhood to his long list of criminal offenses, some of which landed him behind bars. The series also highlights his marriage to Robin Givens (Laura Harrier), a relationship that would expose Tyson as a domestic abuser, and the moment he bit off part of Evander Holyfield’s right ear during a heavyweight match in 1997, a move that got Tyson temporarily banned from the sport.

The cast also includes Russell Hornsby, Harvey Keitel, and Li Eubanks.

The trailer reveals several moments in his life, such as the moment he sets out to become the youngest heavyweight champion in the world, how he is advised to be the meanest fighter God has ever created, and many more.

“This is about immortality, about your name being known until the end of time,” a man tells Tyson. He is also told, “The minute you get too big, they gotta cut you down, but don’t be that monster, be our king!”.

Toward the end of the trailer, which features the onscreen lines “Mike Champion. Villain. Convict. Icon. Addict. Warrior,” the boxing legend is shown asking himself “If I wasn’t the champ, who would still love me?” and raising the question “So, who am I?”.

The song used in the trailer is Sammy Davis Jr.’s 1968 popular song “I’ve Gotta Be Me“, which appeared in the Broadway musical Golden Rainbow. The track is included on his 1968 studio album of the same name, which is available on Amazon starting from $9.49.

The MIKE premieres August 25 on Hulu.

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