Coors Light The Official Beer of Making Moves Commercial Song – Feat. Red Haired Woman Quitting Her Job

Coors Light Commercial Actress - Feat. Red Haired Woman Quitting Her Job

Coors Light continues its “The Official Beer of Everything Unofficial” campaign with a new instalment. This time, the beer is introduced as the official beer of making moves.

The 15-second spot features a young red-haired woman writing her boss an e-mail in which she lets him know that she’s quitting, willing to start something new. She hesitates a little bit but, when a friend brings her a can of Coors Light, she finds the courage to press the “Send” button and then crack the beer open and enjoy it with her friends, confident that she made a good decision.

The commercial, scored by the 2018 single “My Own Thing” by Chance the Rapper featuring Joey Purp, ends with the onscreen line “The official beer of making moves” and the tagline “Made to Chill”.

Last year, the beer brand celebrated its Coors Light beer as “the official beer of being off the clock” in a commercial set to the tune of “It Don’t Get Better Than This” by Royal Deluxe, featuring two men working as mascots for rival teams and enjoying a cold can of Coors Light together.

Coors is 4.2% ABV light beer that is always lagered, filtered, and packaged cold. The brand offers a range of merch personalized with the Coors logo and the “Made to Chill” strapline, including hoodies, man’s best friend beer jacket, beer holder for shower, beach towel, beverage opener keychain, and more.

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