Wayfair Liam Makes a Mess Commercial Song

Wayfair Liam Makes a Mess Commercial

Wayfair.com has released a new ad to promote its website and the range of home products available for purchase.

Titled “Liam Makes a Mess”, the 30-second commercial opens with the teenage boy (Liam) being asked by his mom, who’s on her way out, to not make a mess. However, this is an impulse for him to start making a mess around the house. He grabs a storage box with spaghetti from the fridge and throws it into the microwave, then throws himself on the sofa to eat his meal, making a mess around him and staining the rug.

Throughout the commercial, the retailer highlights that you can find, on its website, Accent furniture from $150, food storage from $4.99, easy-clean appliances from $125, durable sofas from $300, and machine-washable rugs from $39,99.

“Everything home for everything life” an onscreen line reads at the end of the spot, which also sees Liam rushing back to his room when he hears his mother’s voice calling him.

The soundtrack music is Ditty Bomb by Bubble Boys.

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