Viper Hard Seltzer Flamingo Advert Song

Viper Hard Seltzer Flamingo TV Advert

Viper Hard Seltzer is promoted in a new ad campaign, that brings across what Viper Hard Seltzer is all about – a refreshingly tasting alcoholic sparkling water with a hint of fruit flavor, that has 96 kcals and tastes not so sweet.

“Some people like their alcohol with the slightest hint of natural fruits. Some people like exactly 96 calories in this. Others like their drinks to taste not so sweet. That’s why some people love Viper Hard Seltzer,” the voiceover says in the colorful 30-second spot, which features a diverse cast of people enjoying a can of Viper Hard Seltzer in various moments and settings, from a garden party, to a rooftop party to a night club.

The narrator describes the seltzer as “sparkling water with four percent alcohol” that some people don’t love. At the end of the advert, a flamingo is shown knocking down a can of Viper Hard Seltzer as being the only one that doesn’t love this drink.

The soundtrack music is the 2018 song “Cape Town” by Sides, from the album “Kalushi VA Sampler 2018”. The track is available for purchase on Amazon for £0.99.

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