Veet Men Flying Balls Commercial


Veet Men Flying Balls Commercial

Veet promotes its intimate hair removal kit for men in a new ad that aims to raise awareness of its intimate hair removal kit for men.

Created by BETC and titled “Oodyssey”, the spot follows two round shaped objects as they are traveling the world, going various places, from a green field to a forest, from a river to the seaside, and up in the air, above the clouds.

As the spot ends, it turns out the two round objects are flying balls, happy to be hair free thanks to Veet Men. “Set them free. Intimate Hair Removal Kit” onscreen lines read at the end of the commercial.

The campaign debuted at the end of May in France, and is set to run from June 30 to October 4 in the country on TV, digital and print. The ad will also air in European markets, as well as New Zealand, Latin America and Australia.

Alasdhair Macgregor, executive creative director for BETC, described the balls as “characters” and explained that he sees the story as a “buddy movie” with the pair of testicles sharing “a close friendship in there”. He also re with the CGI effects house and the directors as to whether they should even be the same.

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