Tic Tac Take A Ride On A Tic Tac Commercial

Tic Tac Commercial - Take A Ride On A Tic Tac

Tic Tac has launched a new ad campaign in the US, called “Take a Ride on a Tic Tac”.

Created in partnership with independent creative agency Translation, the campaign includes two 15-second and 6-second spots featuring two Tic Tac fresh mints jumping with parachutes from the sky and resting on a wall covered in graffiti.

Serving as the soundtrack is an original song, whose lyrics include “Tic Tac, enjoy the bright side, Freshmint flavor’s all around. Take a ride on a Tic Tac”.

The campaign, which debuted in May and runs across TV, digital, and social media, sees a 16-person lineup of creators, including artists, illustrators, and musicians, expressing in music, videos, and illustrations the way a Tic Tac can create refreshing moments.

Consumers can enjoy the crisp, minty taste of Tic Tac Wintergreen flavored mint any time they need a refresh. Tic Tac Freshmint has less than 2 calories per Mint and is fat-free.

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