Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner Commercial Song

Samsung WindFree Air Conditioner Commercial Girl - Looking For Something?

Samsung promotes its WindFree Air Conditioner in a new commercial.

Titled “Where Is Your WindFree?”, the spot features a diverse cast of people enjoying wind-free air conditioning in various places, such as a high school classroom, a diner, a game room, an office, a dance floor, and their own room.

The song used in the ad is the 2021 single “So Strong” by Olivier Bibeau, included on the album “Songs Vol. 1” by Various Artists.

The South Korean brand says that its WindFree range, featuring thousands of micro-holes that spread fresh air gently and evenly throughout any room, allows you to live, work and relax comfortably without experiencing unpleasant cold drafts.

In WindFree mode, air is spread softly, creating a “Still Air” environment that provides you total well-being day and night. Temperatures can also be managed using the SmartThings App and Samsung’ compressor with Digital Inverter Boost technology helps you to save on energy consumption.

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