Ralph Lauren Summer 2022 Joan Smalls, Lily Aldridge & Georgina Burke Commercial Song

Ralph Lauren Summer Beach Horse Commercial - Joan Smalls, Lily Aldridge & Georgina Burke

Ralph Lauren showcases its Summer 2022 collection in a new ad, starring Georgina Burke, Joan Smalls, and Lily Aldridge.

The 60-second commercial features the three models wearing pieces from this season’s lineup, which includes clean safari-inspired shirts, plaids, robe-style chunky cardigans, dresses and skirts (some with sequin embellishments) in gauzy and lightweight, free-flowing silhouettes. Smalls, who is shown painting, and Aldridge meet Georgina Burke on a beach, where the latter appears with a horse.

The song used in the ad is the 2021 single “Feels So Easy” by Minnesota-born singer Ber.

Joan Smalls and Lily Aldridge co-starred in Ralph Lauren spring 2021 campaign, described as “a celebration of friendship, empowerment, and strength”.

Smalls, a friend of Aldridge, was named new ambassador for Lauren Ralph Lauren last year.

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