De’Longhi Pinguino Care4Me Air Conditioner Commercial Song

De'Longhi Pinguino Care4Me Air Conditioner Commercial Actress

De’Longhi showcases its Pinguino Care4Me portable air conditioner in a new commercial, highlighting that it helps you “find your perfect micro-climate.”

The spot features the screen split in two and two versions of the same woman in the same room, each dealing with a different temperature. While the one on the left feels very hot and tries to find ways to cool herself down, the one on the right feels cold and even grabs a blanket to cover herself. As the video ends, though, and the woman takes out her phone to set up her Pinguino Care4Me, the screen is no longer split in two as the protagonist found her perfect micro-climate.

The soundtrack music is the 2015 song “Eileen Baby” by Michaello Kiev. The song, included on his 2015 album “Angel Sound”, is available for streaming on Amazon Music and on other streaming services.

Penguin Care4Me has a cooling capacity of 13,000 Btu/h and can be used in large rooms, up to 120 m³. The device has a function called MyEco Real Feel, which adapts the functioning of the Penguin in an intelligent way and, also through the feedback requested from the user through the app, combines temperature and humidity to reach the ideal level of well-being, favoring a saving of 30% on electricity consumption, and Cool Surround Technology, which autonomously directs the airflow around the person, ensuring perfect comfort.

Thanks to the Wifi connection, it can be remotely controlled and also operated via smartphone.

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