Volkswagen Atlas Those Guys Commercial Song

Volkswagen Atlas Those Guys Commercial Actor

Volkswagen has released a new commercial for its Volkswagen Atlas, highlighting that it is built with safety in mind, even for “those guys”.

The 30-second ad opens with a man who, after leading a neighbor walking in sticks to believe that he’s going to hold the flat door open for him, closes it right into his face. As he goes out and about, he proves he doesn’t care at all about other people and acts in a very rude manner. He doesn’t help a mailwoman who dropped her envelopes to the ground and he doesn’t avoid them either, stepping right on them, he takes a seat on a bench in the park near a young couple and disturbs them with his laugh as he’s watching a video on his smartphone. Later on, with earphones on and smartphone in hand, he starts crossing the street when the traffic light is red, which could have turned into an accident. Luckily for him, the driver’s Volkswagen Atlas is equipped with Driver Assistance features that help him avoid a collision. The Atlas, with Standard Front Assist and Pedestrian Monitoring, is “built with safety in mind even for those guys,” the voiceover says, and that guy, who dares to point out to the driver that he was busy looking at something on his smartphone while crossing the street, gets to walk back home safe and sound.

The song used in the ad is the 1950 song “It’s A Lovely Day Today” from the Broadway musical “Call Me Madam”, by Doris Day. The track is available for purchase on Amazon for $0.89.

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