REX MD Commercial Opera Song – La Donna e Mobile

REX MD Commercial Actress

REX MD promotes the REX MD Sildenafil and REX MD Subscription in a commercial that carries the tagline “Good Nights, Great Mornings.”

The spot features a man waking up in his bedroom after a romantic night and starting his day completely naked. He gets the newspaper, throws away the trash, and begins to make breakfast. When his partner wakes up, she stops at the bedroom door only to shake the bottle of REX MD Sildenafil as an invitation for him to get back to her, in bed.

He immediately abandons the bowl used to make pancakes composition and joins his blonde girlfriend in the bedroom.

The song used in the commercial is Giuseppe Verdi’s iconic “La Donna e Mobile.” The aria for tenor is Duke of Mantua’s canzone from the beginning of act 3 of Verdi’s 1851 opera “Rigoletto”.

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