Peloton Motivation That Moves You Sizzle, Baby Commercial

Peloton Motivation Instructor Girl Commercial - Sizzle, Baby

Peloton has released a new commercial to promote its world-class instructors and the motivation they provide when you need it the most.

The spot, titled “Motivation That Moves You,” opens with a team of soccer players in the locker room and a voice that apparently comes from their couch, giving them the following speech: “If you’re sitting there thinking about quitting, don’t. I want you to show me that hustle, I need you to feel powerful today.” The next scene, set in the 1980s, features a group of employees in a conference room, listening to someone who tells them to “never give up because great things take time”. The following scene is set in Ancient times and shows a crowd looking at some who also holds a motivational speech: “Have strength today, but most importantly… be fierce!” says the voice, which it turns out belongs to a Peloton instructor. The latter also urges those people to grab a water, grab a towel and get their life together.

As the commercial ends, it is revealed that the other characters were encouraged by Peloton instructors, too. “This is tough, but you are tougher!”, “Because today we are not afraid of growth,” “I want you to feel alive today!” the instructors also says before the video concludes. One of them also makes an analogy that becomes a source of humour in the ad. When he tells the people living in the 1600s that they are a plate of fajitas at a packed restaurant turning heads and adds “Sizzle, baby!”, they are left speechless for a few seconds, but then they all shout “Sizzle!”.

“Motivation That Moves You. Peloton,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

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