Juniper Networks IT Professionals with Blinders On Commercial

Juniper Networks Girl with Blinders On Commercial

Juniper Networks promotes its industry-leading AI in a new commercial.

The spot features two IT professionals working with blinders on and trying to figure out the cause of a problem. The guy tells his colleague, who’s sitting next to him, working at a desk wearing blinders, too, that a ton of Wi-Fi service tickets just rolled in but he can’t see any network issues. At this point, his coworker stands up and rushes to check the router. She sees the light on and concludes that it must be fine. The guy keeps reading the tickets, which are complaints about the Wi-Fi, and the woman declares, surprised, that the light is on.

At this point, another man approached the beleaguered IT professional and asks him “You know it doesn’t have to be this way, right?”. He mentions that “Juniper’s industry-leading AI gives you insight into exactly what’s wrong and how to fix it before anyone notices a problem, removing all your blindspots”, which makes the guy answer “Brilliant!”.

“Demand more from your network” an onscreen line reads at the end of the commercial.

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