INFINITI XQ80 Misunderstood Bull Commercial

INFINITI XQ80 Misunderstood Bull Commercial

INFINITI showcases its 2022 INFINITI XQ80 in a new commercial, titled “Misunderstood Bull”.

The spot tells the tale of the misunderstood bull, a menacing beast that was born to float, a force of nature, the embodiment of grace, quite grand, yet quiet and nimble.

The voiceover says that the Infiniti QW80 stands out and fits right in.

The 2022 INFINITI XQ80 boasts an angular, athletic, and powerful fa├žade, a hand-crafted interior that combines quality materials, rich textures, and intuitive controls, and next-gen safety technology.

The QX80 range includes the LUXE trim, LUXE 4WD, PREMIUM SELECT, PREMIUM SELECT 4WD, SENSORY and SENSORY 4WD. Prices start from $71,100.

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