Cirkul Party at the Office Commercial Song

Cirkul Party at the Office Commercial Blonde Girl

Cirkul promotes its Cirkul Plastic Bottle, Cirkul LifeSip Fruit Punch, and Cirkul FitSip Mixed Berry in a new commercial, highlighting that water doesn’t have to be boring.

The spot opens with a woman played by Carey Channing forced to have a boring conversation at the water cooler with a coworker. However, things change when she’s flavoring her water and changes the intensity of the flavor. Cirkul starts a party for her tastebuds and the party moves in the office, where all her colleagues start dancing.

“Water doesn’t have to be boring,” the voiceover says in the 30-second ad, urging viewers to “turn it up with Cirkul”. Users get to try over 40 delicious flavors, with no sugar, no calories and no artificial flavor, and control the flavor intensity thanks to a special dial designed for this purpose.

“Cirkul. It’s your water, your way,” the announcer also says at the end of the commercial.

The song playing in the background is “Balada” by The Sound Rocket. The track, included on the 2019 album “Electro Dance Attack”, is available for purchase on Amazon for £0.69.

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