BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Card Me Day Hot Tub Commercial – Feat. New Girl Actor Lamorne Morris

BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Card Me Day Hot Tub Commercial - Feat. Actor Lamorne Morris

BMO highlights, in its latest ad, that with ith the BMO eclipse Visa Infinite Card you can earn 5x the points on the everyday things you love like takeout, transit, and rideshare.

The spot features a young man relaxing in a pool and saying that there’s nothing better than taking a “me day”. At this point, the BMO spokesman, New Girl star Lamorne Morris, shows up at a desk near him, asking him to imagine if every day were a “me day” and mentioning that BMO’s Eclipse Visa Infinite Card makes every day more rewarding with five times the points on the things you love, like grabbing coffee, going to restaurants.

When the man wants to know if food delivery is also included, the actor confirms, adding to the list even ridesharing. He takes the opportunity to emphasize that you can spend your points on the things you really want and, when the guy asks if he can spend them on his own hot tub, he starts laughing as if he heard a joke and asks whose tub is the one he sits in.

The commercial ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “When a bank makes every day more rewarding. That’s the BMO effect”.

Morris became a spokesman for BMO in 2019, when the Chicago-based bank launched a campaign that emphasized its commitment to customer service and digital innovation.

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